Electricity Generation


Energy generation in the UK

In 1993 we invested in the development of Corby power station in Northamptonshire - one of the first independent power plants constructed in the deregulated UK market. It was milestone for us and the UK.


Wind and diversification

Since then we have diversified and invested significantly in the UK wind energy landscape with wind farms across Northern Ireland, West Durham, Devon and Swansea. Today, we continue to develop a pipeline of low carbon and renewable technologies.

Carrington Power Station (880WM)

Carrington, efficient and adaptable

We opened Carrington Power Station in 2016. As the latest addition to our ESB generation portfolio it marked a £820m investment in our UK operations. As a gas fired power station, it is one of the most efficient thermal plants in the UK. With 58% efficiency it has the ability to allow renewables such as wind and solar on its system at any given time.


Tilbury, the next generation

We are currently constructing a new £190m renewable power facility at the Port of Tilbury, Essex. This marks ESB’s first investment in the UK’s biomass sector. The plant will generate green electricity from waste wood and it represents our tangible commitment to innovation. It also moves us closer to our ultimate ambition of creating a brighter future in every community and every power facility we invest in.


Knottingley Power Station

ESB is also developing a 1,650MW gas fired power station at Knottingley, West Yorkshire and is exploring a number of offshore wind and waste to energy developments.

Fullabrook Wind Farm.jpg

Clean, windy electricity in Scotland

In tandem with this, ESB has also earmarked 800MW of clean electricity generation in Scotland, primarily onshore wind. Working in partnership with windfarm developers, including through development partnerships with Coriolis and REG Holdings, ESB has eleven windfarms in development. Our aim is to bring our total investment in onshore wind across Great Britain to over one gigawatt by 2030.


ESB’s energy commitment

Our commitment supports our ambition to grow low carbon and renewable generation as part of the transition to a low carbon economy, powered by clean electricity.

Join us and let's create a brighter future together.