The move to renewable energy brings an imbalance to the grid, so improving the way we store energy is becoming more important for energy security. Our Battery systems enable you to store energy when it's generated and use it when required, delivering resilience, flexibility and the potential to generate revenue.

Battery solutions enabling energy security

Our battery storage solutions offers you the flexibility around your energy consumption which in turn will reduce your energy costs and exposure at points of peak demand. We’ll even fund the cost of the battery so there is no upfront investment required from you.

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Our Offerings

  • Range of Battery Solutions designed to suit your business requirements, with funding available
  • First hybridized solutions with support for Demand Side response schemes
  • Best in class battery solutions using leading suppliers of batteries

The Benefits



We analyse your energy usage to design a storage system that is the optimal size for your needs. Unlike load shifting approaches to demand management, our battery solutions require no change in operations for your business and are fully automated.



We procure high specification batteries from leading world suppliers such as TESLA and tailor the storage system to match the demands of what you do.


New Revenue

With unique hybrid battery & demand side solutions which we deliver through our partner GridBeyond, we can deliver new revenue streams which enable your business to get maximum value from your high energy usage, delivering both revenue and savings and ensuring power quality and resilience.

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