Delivering Low Energy, Low Carbon Heating Solutions

Along with GI energy, the UK’s leading large scale heat pump provider, Smart Energy Services from ESB delivers best in class, ground source and air source heat pump solutions, complemented by the expertise of a full range of alternative heating solutions. GI Energy design, engineer, install and maintain leading edge innovative renewable heating and cooling systems including geothermal solutions.

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Our Offerings

  • Ground, Water, Air & Sewer Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) provide an electrically powered geothermal heating system that uses the natural underground temperature of the earth, water, air or sewer in order to heat, cool and provide hot water to buildings both commercial and residential. Combined Heat & Power.
  • Combined Heat & Power. Combined Heat and Power units, also known as CHPs, capture generative heat and redistribute it to where it’s needed, thus preventing heat being wasted, and reducing energy requirements by up to 50%. We can also hybridize CHP and ground source heat pump technology to deliver exceptionally efficient installations.
  • Renewable Heating & Cooling: We integrate solar PV and solar thermal technology with other renewables to maximise ROI and CO2 energy savings.

The Benefits

Under an Energy Partnership Agreement with you, we’ll install a fit for purpose Heat Pump or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Solution, operate and maintain the plant in your Energy Centre and supply heating/ cooling/electricity at a discounted rate.


Reduced Energy

Significant fuel cost saving as well as income generation through Renewable Heat incentives


Installation with no upfront cost

Funded options available plus low ongoing maintenance


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Significant reductions in carbon emissions

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