Immediate savings on your lighting bills

​​​​​​​We partner with large industrial and commercial businesses to deliver high quality lighting solutions with no upfront capital expenditure. With our Lighting as a Service offering we install, implement and maintain a range of LED fixtures, generating immediate energy savings. We share the cash savings with you for a defined agreed period and then after this period, your business will benefit from the full energy savings from your bespoke LED solution.

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Our Offerings

  • Guaranteed Energy Savings & Performance: With experience across LED projects across a range of industries we can guarantee savings and performance. We pay the upfront capital costs and the benefits to you are also reduced operating and maintenance costs.
  • Customised LED solution for your business: We design a bespoke LED solution for your specific requirements.
  • Project Management of the Entire Process: We work with agreed best in class lighting contractors and manage the process end to end.

Our Approach

ESB Smart Energy Services pays the upfront cost of retrofitting traditional lighting with LED fixtures. We maintain the lighting and share the cost savings with the customer for a defined period.


Customised Analysis

We’ll conduct an analysis of your current lighting consumption and costs and along with your requirements, creating a customised lighting solution.


Project Planning

We’ll agree a schedule and project plan aligned with your business needs.



We’ll specify, procure and install a best fit LED lighting solution to you, delivering immediate and verified savings, reviewed ongoing over the agreed period.

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